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Dice Presents New 'Battlefield 1' Trailer At EA Play

Fresh off the initial reveal of Battlefield 1 last month, DICE general manager Patrick Bach introduced a new trailer for the game. As expected, the clip showed off more World War I chaos.

The trailer shows soldiers clashing on the battlefield with melee weapons and rifles, along with some aerial combat. You can use the biplane to take out groups of enemies or a rival pilot, or control the slow, but massive airships to deal more damage to enemies.

Bach also mentioned a few upcoming features for the game, one of which was dynamic weather. When the match starts, you might have a clear sky with the sun shining down on the battlefield, but as the match continues, the weather might take a turn for the worse. You could have a downpour of rain or the fog could roll in on the battlefield, both of which could make it difficult for you to see the enemy.

For EA Play attendees, DICE will have gameplay demos available so that fans can get an idea of what to expect from the game. We'll be back at the venue tomorrow to get some much needed hands-on time with Battlefield 1.

NameBattlefield 1
TypeFirst-Person Shooter
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release DateOctober 21, 2016
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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