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Logitech Unveils iPad Air Keyboard Cases

Amid rumors of Apple developing its own keyboard cover a la Microsoft Surface and Belkin releasing its own iPad Air keyboards, peripheral king Logitech has entered the fray with four premium keyboard covers.

The first is their $149 Fabricskin Keyboard Folio which protects both the front and rear of the iPad and has two different kickstand angles. The cover is also water-resistant and coated with fabric in red, black or yellow. The keyboard can run for up to three months and connects to the iPad via Bluetooth.

Logitech's second product, the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio, comes in four colors and a keyboard, but drops the water-resistance. The Ultrathin Keyboard aluminum retails for the same as the folio model at $99, but only protects the front side of the iPad. The last cover runs for about half that, but drops the keyboard.

The balance between sleek, elegant design and productivity will always be one of the biggest acts that portable electronics need to tackle, but these covers don't look too bad and give Apple a solid, third-party option that gives its product much of the same functionality as Microsoft's Surface line.

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