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ATI All In Wonder RADEON 8500 DV


Here's a brief comparison of the All In Wonder RADEON 8500s versus the 8500 retail version.

As expected, the performance is a bit lower, due to a slower clock speed than that of the retail version. Still it is perfectly acceptable.

The All In Wonder is on approximately the same level as the GeForce3 Ti200.

Overall Impression

No other card on the market offers such comprehensive multimedia capability, together with respectable 3D gaming performance. Only the tuner problem somewhat dampened the positive impression that we got from it. Granted, we used the North American version, which could very well be incompatible to European standards - in any case the European version won't be out on the market until next year, so ATI should have enough time to rectify the problem. Another cause for worry was the large amount of heat generated by the TV tuner. ATI says that this is due to the construction of the silicon tuner, which has a significantly larger power intake than conventional tuners, but brings with it the advantage of image quality.

The range of functions for the All In Wonder RADEON 8500 has grown significantly when compared to its direct predecessor, the All In Wonder RADEON. Users who are looking for an inexpensive way to become familiar with digital video, or those who simply want something to replace their TV, should be perfectly content with the RADEON 8500 DV.