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Blu-ray Done Right: How Does Your Integrated GPU Stack Up?

CPU-Usage Benchmarks: H.264 Codec

With video quality out of the way, let's examine video performance. To keep things fair and a little clear, we'll split up the results between AMD and Intel platforms. First, the AMD motherboards:

At this point, we think it's important to remind readers that we had to turn the GeForce 8200 noise reduction off because its video output stuttered when it was enabled. With this in mind, note that the AMD 785G and 790GX are achieving a notably lower CPU utilization while effectively rendering noise cancellation.

Sure, there is a spike in the GeForce 8200 and 785G results, but this is nothing to be concerned about, as the total CPU utilization is so low for these processors. The 790GX manages similar results without a spike.

Now let's examine the Intel processor results:

Both the Intel G45 and GeForce 9300 boards are delivering low CPU utilization. The Intel usage is slightly higher, but in the big scheme of things, it's hardly worth mentioning. Note that we included results on the GeForce board with both the buggy 190.38 driver and the working 182.5 driver. The CPU utilization is lower with the new driver, likely because it isn't handling the same workload (remember, those drivers are "broken" for playback).