Blogs: Your Opinions, Please

Allow us to pick your brains for a moment.

We (the news team) have been tossing around the idea of blogs for months now. After humming and hawing over it we (well, some of us more than others) decided the readers should at least get to weigh in on the matter.

For us, the community aspect of Tom’s is extremely important, particularly away from the forums. We love to hear your thoughts on the day to day events in the tech world and recently we’ve been trying to bring you guys closer to the news.

You may have noticed our efforts as of late: Tuan’s Question of the Day posts, which always get a massive response, Marcus’ active participation in the discussions and Jane’s “every article has to end with a question” style are just a few of our endeavors. Depending on the writer and the topic, our posts can be fairly opinionated, mostly because we like to encourage good vibes and friendly debates. What we want to know is if you’d like to see us take this further.

We were thinking something along the lines of weekly columns for each editor, published on different days (it’s early, so details are more vague than the predictions of a fraudulent clairvoyant). However, this isn’t something we want to pursue unless there’s a genuine interest. We’ll be lurking in the comments section to answer your questions over the coming days but it’s pretty straight forward. We want to hear what you think: Blogs, yay or nay?

Just to be clear, if you do want blogs, it'll be an addition to our news--nothing will be taken away.

Let us know and it shall be done (or not, obviously).

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  • radnor
    Tom is degenarating. As usual, if you want to sell more you will have to diversify. First "Why i sent 3k on a freaking mac.", now blogs.
  • hobbitcy
    i wouldnt mind reading your blogs
    would be a nice side line to the normal info
  • dedhorse
    Well, most of your recent "news" items have been nothing more than blog entries anyway, so what can it hurt? Really, what's the difference?

    For me, news is a non-biased reporting of fact. The writer at least making an effort to track down original sources and getting confirmation, denial, or even a no comment from all parties involved.

    Most of what I've read in the "news" section of this site as been what the writer has read on some other site, which usually refers to what they read on yet another site. And then the writer making some smart alek response to the story.

    Honestly though, semantics aside (and needless whining aside), if what you purpose means bringing more interesting tech news from around the world to the site, then I'm for it.