Connectify Dispatch Combines All Available Networks

Connectify Hotspot (free, PRO) is an extremely handy tool: it seemingly extends a local Wi-Fi network connection by using the wireless component of a Windows 7-based PC. Thus, the desktop/laptop itself turns into a network hotspot to other wireless gadgets in the vicinity, sending their data stream to the network's main router. It's a good way to push the network when the router is physically located at one end of the house, and the receiving wireless gadget is on the other end, getting an extremely poor connection.

Now the team behind the Connectify Hotspot tool has introduced Connectify Dispatch. This new networking software promises to combine 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and all other available Internet connections at the same time, combining their speed and reliability. Even more, the team wants to make this a market-ready product, and has launched a Kickstarter page to help get the product on shelves.

"While Connectify has the core technology for Dispatch working, the company has decided to use the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, to prove that there is widespread demand for a fully-featured Connectify Dispatch consumer product," the company said on Wednesday. "Along the way, Connectify's Kickstarter backers can gain unprecedented access, watching as the development team transforms Dispatch from working source code into a powerful, yet easy-to-use application."

Connectify Dispatch works by using two networks simultaneously. As an example, a laptop in a coffee shop can connect to the local Wi-Fi network and the user's 4G mobile connection at the same time, using their combined speed and reliability. When any one available network fails, Dispatch seamlessly moves traffic onto the working connections until additional networks become available again.

"With Connectify Dispatch, you can even use two different Wi-Fi networks at the same time," the company said on Wednesday. "Just connect a secondary USB Wi-Fi card, in addition to your laptop’s on-board Wi-Fi card, and Dispatch does the rest. At the click-of-a-button, you’ll be cruising the web at warp speed, using the combined throughput of both wireless networks. Even if you lose connectivity on one of those networks, Dispatch keeps you online, seamlessly moving all of your traffic onto the working connection until both networks become available again."

According to Connectify, a pledge of $10 or more to the Kickstarter project gets backers a six-month license of the company's flagship software router, Connectify Hotspot PRO, while the first 200 backers will receive one-year licenses for both Connectify Dispatch and Connectify Hotspot PRO for only $40. All other backers will receive Dispatch and Hotspot PRO for $50, half the price of the projected $99.99 retail value.

Once backers pledge to the Dispatch campaign, they will gain access to an exclusive website where they will receive up-to-date details on product development, Connectify said on Wednesday. Certain backers will also have early-access to the Dispatch API, giving them the opportunity to integrate Dispatch into their own applications.

"While just about anyone using the Internet can benefit from our groundbreaking technology, Dispatch is especially beneficial to the millions of people already using BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer file sharing platforms," said Alex Gizis, founder and CEO of Connectify. "With each additional Internet connection, Connectify Dispatch can double, or even triple, the speed of torrent transfers."

For more information, visit Also here's a list of features provided by the Connectify Dispatch data sheet:

Connection aggregation technology
Use all of your Internet connections for their combined bandwidth. Dispatch supports all common Internet connection types including Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Ethernet and Dial-up.

Analytics Dashboard
Detailed statistics and graphs show you which Internet connections you are using, and how fast they really are.

Set priority levels for Internet connections so that more expensive connections like 3G/4G will only be used when cheap or free connections become slow or disconnect.

Share Dispatch Connection with Mobile Devices
Dispatch is full-integrated with our flagship Connectify Hotspot software router, allowing users to share their aggregated Dispatch connection with iPads, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

Enterprise Functionality at a Fraction of the Cost
Similar dedicated hardware solutions can cost thousands of dollars.


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  • blingooron
    This is pretty sweet...
  • Anonymous
    With a little know-how you could round robin any connection in Linux no problem but its great that there's finally going to be a Windows solution to this.
  • Anonymous
    finally I'll have a way to aggregate all my neighbors cracked wep networks into 1 super fast internet connection