Dell to Produce Android Mobile Internet Device

Yesterday we had the update on Sony and Ericsson's plans for a PSP phone and today we have more news on Dell’s long rumored foray into the smartphone market. At the beginning of March there were rumors flying around that the company would release not one but two smartphones -- one running on Android and one on Windows Mobile.

More rumors followed except these ones said that both devices had been put on hold due to lack of interest from carriers, and while it's likely phone companies were already offering enough smartphones and didn't feel like taking on another, at the time analysts said carriers felt Dell’s prototypes were too boring and didn't offer anything wasn't already possible with another device. Around the same time (the next day), Michael Dell confirmed that the company was looking into devices with smaller screens and told everyone to stay tuned for developments.

Today all of those rumors are being dragged back out because, according to a Wall Street Journal report, Dell engineers have been developing a pocket-sized internet device that will run on Google’s Android operating system. Anonymous WSJ sources who claim to have seen the device say it looks like a slightly bigger version of Apple’s iPod Touch. Development reportedly began last year as Dell endeavored to come up with an answer to Apple’s iPod.

As for the guts, the same source said that while Dell doesn't currently use any ARM chips to power its devices, it is considering doing so for this one. Another person who was briefed on the company's plans spoke to WSJ and said that Dell may begin selling the device later this year. However, the source added that the plan could be delayed or scrapped entirely.

Would anyone buy an Android-based ARM powered Dell smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • thejerk
    With the market saturated by iPhone wannabes, and yet dominated by the iPhone itself... if I were Dell, why bother? The return on investment would likely be poor without carrier support.
  • mdmadph
    Yeah, your name suits you.

    Take a look at some market surveys -- there are FAR more Blackberry devices out there than there are iPhones.

    The iPhone is neat, but it isn't even as ubiquitous as the iPod.
  • hemelskonijn
    I would love to see a device the size of a NDS with a full size keyboard on the bottom half (when folded open) en a huge screen in the top half.
    Yes i know it would be huge but here comes the kicker if the device is that big we could drop in a huge battery and finally go away for the weekend while not needing to recharge the battery's twice a day.

    The bigger size would give room more RAM more cpu power (more room for cooling) and the screen could be almost twice as big as the screen on my G1.
    Calling people would be possible using either a bluetooth headset in style and sold together with the device or by flipping it open dialing a number closing it up again and holding it to your ear.

    There is no need for an external screen but if people feel their should be one it should be no problem to create one small enough to hardly cost any power but big enough to read the number from the incoming call.
    Though personally i would prefer the outside to be just the outside no screens or buttons on top or bottom.

    Now that would be a device i would buy !