Delta Six Game Controller for Call of Duty Black Ops II

For those of us that take FPS gaming to the extreme and enjoy hours of CoD or BF3, the creator of the Avenge Elite controller, David Kotkin has teamed up with David B. Johnson, military consultant for Spike's Gametrailers, to create the Delta Six controller.

The Delta Six has a built-in accelerometer, which means it can be used with any game and distance and calibration is not a factor in playing. According to Kotkin, the targeting system is faster and requires less effort, with only minor adjustments being necessary to aim accurately. Another unique feature of the Delta Six is that it converts from an assault rifle to a Sub Machine Gun thanks to a removable barrel and collapsible stock. Reverse the steps and extend the barrel and you have a sniper rifle. Essentially, you're purchasing three guns in one, which means it's up to you which weapon you feel like using for each gaming session.

Delta Six Controller Promo

Other functions of the controller include real kick back upon firing and pressure switches. For example, aiming can be activated by the pressure from your cheek hitting the stock, or, in non-realistic mode, just press the side of the gun. Other tasks will be activated by performing real life events like hitting the magazine eject switch, or removing the magazine and replacing it to reload. According to testing performed by Kotkin, it's easier and faster to use than a standard controller.

With real time aiming, enhanced optics on the scope and having the controls at your fingertips, David Kotkin says, "This wins against a reg controller, even with and Avenger adapter on it!." He added, "We're more excited about Delta Six than any other project to date. The Wii, and the Move tried but could not make a fun and innovative motion control for FPS games. So we had to." says Kotkin. "This is fun for adults, not for gamers younger than 21."

There's no word on availability of the controller but the price is expected to be $89.00 at launch.

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  • cool... but what platform?
  • hopefully they'll release real call of duty guns!

    and all the fans can shoot eachother! it'll be so REAL