Final Fantasy VII is Now Available on Steam

It's time to take a time machine and revisit 1997.

A year ago, Square Enix brought the HD release of Final Fantasy 7 to PC. Until recently, Final Fantasy 7 had only been available on PC via the Square Enix store.

The publisher's finally seen fit to bring FF7 to Steam's virtual shelves. Final Fantasy 7 is available now for purchase for $11.99 on Steam, the same price as it is (and has been) in the Square Enix store. However, for achievement hunters, buying FF7 through Steam means the possibility of adding another 36 achievements to the e-ego.  

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  • frillybob101
    Been there for a few days old news.
  • tomfreak
    will not buy since it is not a full remake.
  • beoza
    I'll probably end up getting this next friday. I need a good single player rpg, and I haven't bought this yet from the Square Enix store. I played originally on the PS1 and on the PC when it came out. To me it's the last great Final Fantasy game.