Rosewill Launches the Galaxy Series of Gaming Cases

Rosewill has launched its new range of entry-level Galaxy Series gaming cases with three mid-tower enclosures that are built from SECC steel, measures 185 mm x 413 mm x 395 mm (W x H x D) and supports a maximum of ATX sized motherboards.

The enclosures feature three 5.25” drive bays, one external 3.25” bay, four internal 3.5” bays and seven expansion slots for add on cards. With regards to cooling, the Galaxy Series includes three pre-installed 120 mm cooling fans with a provision to mount an additional 120 or 140 mm fan on the side panel and offers a generous clearance of 160 mm for CPU coolers.

The Rosewill Galaxy Series enclosures are currently on sale with a recommended retail price of $49.99.

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  • plznote
    Damn, I though Galaxy stuff used plastic.
  • samuelspark
    Looks pretty nice. Better if it had a window IMO.
  • AravindaD
    Wow, I'm impressed. I really like the design of these cases. Especially the Galaxy-01. Rosewill appears to be really gearing more toward the gaming industry nowadays, and the price points are very enticing. I hope to see them come up with a gaming line kind of like thermaltake did, because I think it would really take off. If that happens, I think they would end up being quite the competitor in the gaming realm. Cool cases. Personally, I like the mid-tower cases because of the compact size and ease of travel-ability. The full tower ones are good for a more permanent location at home or in the office, but the mids can travel well to tournaments.