Wii U to Launch December 8 in Japan

Nintendo revealed last night via its Twitter feed that it would announce the Wii U's price and release details today. True to its word, Nintendo announced the details of the Wii U's launch very early this morning. At about midnight PST the company revealed that the Wii U would make its Japanese debut on December 8.


The Wii U will be available in two versions, the basic set and the premium set. The basic set will only be available in white, while the premium version will only be available in black. The premium version features four times the storage of the basis set (32GB up from 8GB) and will include the console, the GamePad, a charging stand, a play stand, and a stand for the Wii U itself. The basic bundle cuts out the extras and will only include the white console, a controller and that 8GB drive we mentioned earlier.

Pricewise, you're looking at ¥26,250 for the basic package or ¥31,500 for the premium bundle. This equates to just shy of $340 for the basic and just over $400 for the premium.

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  • lahawzel
    I like how this article doesn't mention the fact that extra controllers cost something like ~$172 USD. One hefty price tag.
  • elcentral
    interesting im hoping it got native 1080p. cuss im quite interested in this console, and 1080p for me feels easier on the eyes.
  • Anonymous
    A screen on the controller for a console connected to a bigger screen. So which one are you supposed to look at and who thought this was a good idea? Does ANYONE look at the controller when using a console?