BitFenix Announces Own Store for Spare Parts

BitFenix has announced that it has opened its parts store. This store is an online webshop operated by BitFenix itself where you can buy spare parts for your BitFenix cases.

Some examples of spare parts include side panels with windows, as well as new feet for your case. This is a convenient way of obtaining parts for expansion and customization, or extras for use with modding. In addition, you can open tickets with the support team for anything you can't find, so this is an easy way to find BitFenix spare parts that might otherwise be difficult to obtain.The BitFenix Prodigy is one of the cases for which you can buy spare parts.The BitFenix Prodigy is one of the cases for which you can buy spare parts.

You can find the store at

Pricing in the store obviously ranges from product to product, but overall it seems to be priced very reasonably. It is already open for business in the US, though it'll take a while before all of the part options have been listed. The store will also open in Europe sometime mid-July.

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  • twstd1
    Other case manufacturers should take note.
  • Patrick Tobin
    This is something that more case manufacturers should be doing. Warranty issues aside BitFenix cases are pretty danged nice.
  • Hunt4Epic
    Corsair has tons of parts available! Prices can be better at some vendor websites though.