1976 Apple I to Sell For Over $200,000

Now collectors and apple "fanboys" have a chance to own a piece of the legacy by bidding on one of the original 200 wood-encased Apple-1 computers, built personally by a very young Jobs and Wozniak. This rare and unique collectible is going on auction at Christie's on November 23.

One of the 200 original wood-encased Apple-1 computers, built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their garage in 1976, is going up for auction at Christie’s in London on November 23.

Originally sold for an eerie $666.66, the Apple-1 is expected to sell for over $200,000, proving that it really can pay off to let ancient pieces of junk collect dust in your attic.

The winner of the auction will be receiving an Apple-1 motherboard, 8K bytes of RAM, and a couple capacitors, connectors and interfaces. The original shipping box and several other goodies, such as a typed letter from Steve Jobs to the original owner all pictured here:

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  • Parsian
    only $200,000 ??? they gotta try harder 30+ years from now when they gonna sell their current Macs in the spirit of Applism
  • spectre195
    How did they sell any computers, that look like expensive hill billy typewriters? It's amazing they got of the garage with a product like that.
  • husker
    The opening sentence of the article states that you can bid on a wood encased computer. It then becomes clear that the wood case is not included as part of the item, nor is the keyboard, and who knows what else. That is why it is only going for 200K instead of a lot more.