Sony Builds an NFC-Enabled Christmas Tree

Sony has built a Christmas tree just the way only Sony would – NFC enabled. Using NFC, the tree can pair with your NFC enabled phone, and you can take control of it. While you won't be able to make it walk around your house, you can change the color of the various ornaments.

Sony NFC Christmas Tree Giveaway

The lights can be controlled on a per-color basis, or set to disco mode, making them alternate between a rainbow-range of colors.

Additionally, the tree also holds a portable NFC speaker, allowing you to make the tree take care of the Christmas singing for you.

Unfortunately, you can't actually buy the tree. We certainly would've gotten one for the office if you could. Instead, you're going to have to win the competition on the Sony Mobile UK Facebook page.

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  • Zac Lloyd-Jones
    Sony, just concentrate on getting your TV's back up to scratch instead of this crap. It is cool but come on, priorities!
  • Amdlova
    Stop the world I want to leave. What INNOVATION lights NFC and some Expensive Phone to do such amazing job. POOR SONY!
  • ctrlaltwalsh
    Grumble grumble, this is an advertisement, rest assured that it didn't take priority over the R&D for TVs and innovation, my god lighten up people.