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Benchmark Results: Crysis 2

AMD A10-4600M Review: Mobile Trinity Gets Tested

Crysis 2 was never really meant to be playable on entry-level graphics, but we’ll try to play it at 1024x600.

We’re using the Adrenaline benchmark tool for consistency, and although we choose the lowest detail settings, there’s no way to turn off motion blur using this utility. The actual game lets you to disable motion blur.

At 1024x600, the A10-4600M beats AMD’s A8-3500M, but both are far ahead of Intel’s Core i5-2450M. With a minimum frame rate of 27 FPS, we consider the Trinity-based solution quite playable, especially considering that motion blur can be disabled in the actual game for even better performance. Nevertheless, the A8-3500M is touch-and-go, while the i5-2450M is completely unplayable.

There’s not much to say as the resolution increases. Sure, the A10-4600M beats its competition, but none of these solutions provide playable performance at 1280x800.

For the sake of completeness, we tested 1600x900 as well, but it’s simply an unplayable setting using this class of hardware.

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