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Other 785G Goodies

Updated: AMD 785G: The Venerable 780G, Evolved

AMD has a few more tricks up its sleeve with the 785G, including:

Lower Power Usage

It's hard to argue with lower power usage. AMD claims that the new Radeon HD 4200 IGP can dynamically scale IGP clock speeds based on usage requirements.

ATI Stream Technology

AMD's GPGPU solution is compatible with all Radeon 4000 series graphics processors, and that includes the integrated Radeon HD 4200. While both Nvidia and AMD make a lot of claims about processing all sorts of tasks on the GPU, there are precious few applications that take good advantage of either CUDA or ATI Stream.

It is interesting that we can now use an application that is optimized for both Nvidia's CUDA and AMD's ATI Stream to see which vendor’s IGP takes the best advantage of GPU acceleration. We'll try Cyberlink's Mediashow Espresso with the 785G chipset in addition to the GeForce 9300 chipset and see what happens. With no GPGPU solution of its own, Intel will have to sit this one out.

Windows 7 Support

Windows 7 has already hit RTM, and while it's nice to know that the 785G works with it out of the box, I'm not sure how many people are chomping at the bit to upgrade to an operating system the moment it's released. Still, there's certainly nothing wrong with timely Windows 7 support.

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