AOpen EY855: Can the Pentium-M Make SFF PCs Cool and Quiet?

Intelligent Ventilation

Special fan enclosures for the CPU and other key components help to make the PC quiet, while maximizing airflow efficiency. It's even possible to make BIOS adjustments to the EY855 that support manual fan regulation and speed settings, and each fan can be configured separately.

The software offers multiple configuration settings:

  1. If Full Speed is selected, the fan must rotate at 100% of rated speed (but of course, this is also the loudest mode of operation);
  2. If Fixed Speed is selected, you can select from a number of predefined settings for fan speed (lower speeds make for quieter but hotter system conditions);
  3. If Automatic Mode is selected, fan speed reacts to changes in system temperature (hotter temperatures increase fan speed, lower temperatures decrease fan speed).

The Automatic Mode setting is recommended, since it will most likely deliver the best operating conditions for the Pentium-M processor. Our own internal measurements showed that only the passive cooling fins for the Northbridge chipset exceeded temperatures of 104.00 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

Intelligent Airflow Makes for Comfortable Quiet

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