AthlonXP Underclocking for a Low-Power Fix

System Clock: At Least 100 MHz

The MSI KT880 Delta supports the multiplier change during operation and can be started with a minimum 100 MHz system clock, a multiplier of x6.0 and 1.35 V core voltage.

Another option to reduce speed, voltage and thus power loss would be to reduce the system clock to a sensible minimum. The slowest Socket A processors were AMD's Duron models that worked at 100 MHz FSB clock speed using the Double Data Rate method (FSB200). In practice, 100 MHz is thus the lowest settable value.

If only 133 MHz is offered in the BIOS, then you often have the option of using the freeware tool ClockGen from CPUID. If supported by the clock generator on your motherboard it can change the system clock during operation. In connection with CrystalCPUID, and provided you have a suitably equipped motherboard, you can always settle on the minimum clock of 300 MHz (100 MHz system x 3.0).

The MSI KT880 Delta's clock generator is supported by CPUID's ClockGen.
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