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Results: Aliens Vs. Predator

CrossFire Versus SLI Scaling: Does AMD's FX Actually Favor GeForce?

Again, we're making every attempt not to create a Radeon or GeForce graphics card review; the focus of this article is more specific. In order to address murmurs about AMD's platform dependencies, I want to know how each vendor's hardware scales on AMD’s flagship CPU. Two charts represent two different graphics sources, and ideal scaling would show two charts that look identical, apart from their actual average frame rates.

Our less-demanding Aliens vs. Predator results demonstrate the ideal CPU-to-GPU scaling scenario. Even though AMD's Radeon HD 7970s are faster, the charts are a near-perfect match, suggesting similar scaling.

We again see consistency between Radeon and GeForce results. AvP prefers the Radeon cards, but when we ignore absolute frame rates, the bars appear nearly identical. If this remains true through all of our testing, we can fairly confidently "bust the myth" that Radeon cards require higher-performance platforms to reach their potential, and that AMD's FX CPUs bottleneck Nvidia's graphics products less.

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