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Picture Errors and Problems in the Game

Stalker: Clear Sky - Is Your System Ready?

You will always find a couple of errors in any game, but crashes hardly occur and the game with Patch 1.5.04 is very stable. There are problems trying to save a game, however — after hours of gaming, upon Stalker returning back to the base camp of Clear Sky and trying to save the game, two in four times we were not able to reload that game later on. When we saved anywhere outside of the Clear Sky base camp this error never occurred.

Weapons and armor can be stored in different boxes all over the map. Normally, the game remembers the contents of these boxes, but although the weapons were still there when we checked back, stored pistols or rifles lost their upgrades and were only in the standard configuration when retrieved.

 Picture errors with the Radeon HD 4870

If an anomaly that’s far away creates distortions, the HD 4870 transfers this to objects the foreground.

Picture errors with the Radeon HD 3870

With DirectX 10 illumination (extended dynamic illumination of objects) the HD 3870 shows significant image errors for all the ground objects. The sky, however, is problem-free. As soon as you switch down to dynamic illumination (DirectX 9), this error goes away.

Picture errors with the Geforce 8800 GTS 512

At maximum illumination rain might lead to flickering triangles. This problem appeared before in Shadow of Chernobyl and used to be fixable by reconfirming the graphics settings. This doesn’t work in Clear Sky, so the image error remains, though it doesn’t always occur. The best solution is to restart the game.

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