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Benchmark Results: I/O Performance

Intel SSD 310 80 GB: Little Notebooks Get Big Storage Flexibility

Even though average IOPS don’t scale linearly, there’s a clear progression from the two SandForce SF-1200-based SSDs to Intel's mSATA solution, and then Kingston's SSDNow 100 V+, which uses Toshiba's T6UG1XBG controller. Our only disk-based 2.5" hard drive (Seagate's 5400.6) comes in last, but this is hardly a surprise.

The same holds true in our Web server test in Iometer. Here, though, Intel’s 310 80 GB edges out OCZ’s Vertex 2 and Agility 2. This benchmark starts a trend which mimics the X25-M used in our latest RevoDrive X2 review.

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