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Benchmark Results: Crysis

HydraLogix Vs. SLI And CrossFire: MSI's P55A Fuzion Tested

Crysis is a very old problem for graphics cards manufacturers, setting the gold standard by which hardware can be fully stressed. Lucid unfortunately supports only 32-bit mode in this game.

We ran several tests to determine the best way to benchmark Crysis with HydraLogix enabled. First we tried adding the 64-bit mode manually, only to experience an odd form of corruption similar to microstutter in tile-mode. We then tested the game in officially-supported 32-bit mode, only to find the frame rates dropping to the same level a single-card produces in 64-bit mode.

Unlike the original Crysis game, the later Crysis Warhead is supported by HydraLogix. While most of our readers no longer play original Crysis, the existence of these differences is enough for us to call MSI out once again for not including an SLI bridge on a motherboard that supports that technology in addition to HydraLogix N-Mode.

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