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Benchmark Results: Storage Bench v1.0

Samsung Goes 6 Gb/s: Is The 830-Series SSD King Of The Hill?

As always, we're going to kick off our analysis using Storage Bench v1.0 because it allows us to examine the real performance of an SSD within the first two weeks of use. We're specifically going to focus on busy time and average data rate. If you're unfamiliar with our Storage Bench v1.0, we'd suggest that you read page three and four of Second-Gen SandForce: Seven 120 GB SSDs Rounded Up.

Busy time and average data rate are directly tied to one another, but looking at both allows us to examine performance in a slightly different way.

These benchmarks rank performance based on actual use over the course of two weeks. With that in mind, Samsung edges out the second-gen SandForce-based Vertex 3. The performance delta is extremely small, though. The 240 GB Vertex 3 is only busy 48 seconds longer than the 256 GB 830. More than one million seconds go by in two weeks, so again, that lead is pretty tiny.

The average data rate reflects the same 2.6% difference, just like busy time. However, this graph paints a clearer picture of throughput. The 256 GB 830-series drive is the first SSD to pass the 200 MB/s mark in our test. But, on average, Samsung's latest SSD is only 5-6 MB/s faster than the 240 GB second-gen SandForce-based HyperX and Vertex 3.

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