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Banchetto 101: Hardware Installation

Cage Match: Four Open-Air ATX Chassis

The motherboard screws in to the tray in the normal fashion, but notice that the card stands must also be screwed in individually.

The motherboard tray is then set over the chrome pins and gently pushed down until seated. We installed a full set of three fans on the radiator mount for visual effect only, since we didn’t have a radiator to put there.

The key to Microcool’s design is that absolutely nothing stands in the way of motherboard access. The reversed power supply also allows easier access to its “kill switch.”

Anyone able to take advantage of the Banchetto 101’s liquid cooling capability will be pleased that the company also includes a mount for dual 92mm fans to cool the chipset, VRM, and RAM.

Notice that we didn’t use the included thumb screws to install the side fan bracket: These would not fit under the fans. Instead, we were forced to use two fine-thread (CD-ROM or floppy style) screws from one of our spare parts trays.

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