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Benchmark Results: Encoding Apps

Zotac's Ion Board On Windows 7: Nvidia Re-Arms Intel’s Atom

The eight-minute difference between AMD’s Athlon X2 and the Atom 330 suggests that if you’re going to do transcoding work, don’t do it on your casual-computing desktop or HTPC unless you have desktop-class hardware under the hood.

One counter-argument here could be that Ion includes CUDA support as an important part of the chipset. So, if you're using Badaboom, vReveal (the CSI-style video enhancement technology), or Nero Move it, your results will actually be many times faster than CPU-only times. If you're indeed using any of those titles, be sure to check back early next week as we demonstrate some of the benefits to using the suite of titles currently optimized for Nvidia's CUDA technology.

Similarly, converting CD audio to lossy AAC takes significantly longer when Intel’s Atom processor is the component being taxed most heavily.

More of the same here, as Lame 3.98 converts the same audio CD to .mp3 format.

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