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Processors - Page 20


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - FEBRUARY 4 39

In addition to revealing its 2012 and 2013 roadmaps, AMD sported an ultrathin form factor packed with its Trinity APU.

news - FEBRUARY 3 79

AMD CEO Rory Read mentioned "thin and light" in his 2012 attack speech to analysts.

reviews - FEBRUARY 2 43

We've been waiting on AMD's Financial Analyst Day for more information on how the company plans to approach new and current businesses moving forward. Ahead of the big event, AMD pre-briefed us on the news.

reviews - FEBRUARY 2 40

We've been bugging AMD for years now, literally: show us what GPU-accelerated software can do. Finally, the company is ready to put us in touch with ISVs in nine different segments to demonstrate how its...

news - FEBRUARY 2 9

ARM revealed its 2012 roadmap in a 4Q11 financial results meeting with analysts.

news - JANUARY 31 48

A processor used more than 30 years ago has resurfaced and can be purchased again.

news - JANUARY 30 62

Intel has quietly added seven new Sandy Bridge processors in the i5 and Celeron M series.

news - JANUARY 30 20

Sources claim that Windows on ARM is now stable and gearing up for a release to developers soon.

reviews - JANUARY 30 331

We really like to hunt down great values in the processor space. Since our last round-up of affordable CPUs, AMD released its Llano-based APUs and Bulldozer-based FX family. Also, Intel introduced a handful of...

news - JANUARY 26 32

The Raspberry PI will supposedly outperform the new iPhone 4S across a range of content.

news - JANUARY 25 64

Intel is adding a new gem to its network of manufacturing facilities.

reviews - JANUARY 25 132

Introducing a new processor architecture takes a colossal effort. AMD's modular Bulldozer design ran into its share of resistance at launch. Can a handful of software updates turn the company's flagship FX-8150...

news - JANUARY 24 69

And they're not stopping at 100, either.

news - JANUARY 24 15

Eventually Intel will produce Atom SoCs with built-in 4G support.

news - JANUARY 24 43

Saber rattling is often a sure sign for two parties preparing their armies for a bloody battle.

news - JANUARY 23 8

Sony is updating select Vaio notebook lines with 2nd-generation Core i-Series CPUs and other enhancements.

news - JANUARY 23 14

Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin and the Australian National University claim to have conducted the first systematic power profiles of microprocessors

news - JANUARY 22 55

A new study released by the National Science Board (NSB) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) raises concerns about the global leadership of the U.S. in Science and Technology investments. The report also...

news - JANUARY 19 37

Intel has announce its Performance Tuning Protection Plan for a worry free overclocking experience.

news - JANUARY 17 48

As 2011 is well behind us, we are looking back at a year of massive successes as well as some catastrophic failures, we are noticing a gateway to opportunity for some interesting products and technologies.

news - JANUARY 16 36

ARM disses Intel's Medfield, calling it "good enough." Ouch.

reviews - JANUARY 16 44

I just got back from CES 2012. And although I’ve attended a great many Consumer Electronics Shows, Computexes, and Comdexes (never a CeBIT), this year’s show was by far the most intense. It wasn’t that...

news - JANUARY 13 36

We see a lot of cool concepts at CES and today is no different, thanks to Cooler Master's latest effort.

news - JANUARY 13 14

Audi AG has chosen Nvidia's quad-core Tegra 3 to power infotainment systems and digital instrument clusters that will be installed in Audi vehicles in 2013 and beyond.

news - JANUARY 12 13

Intel is promising amazing things with its Medfield platform and a partnership with Motorola.

news - JANUARY 11 6

Smart TVs have been a bit of a hot topic at CES this year, and Qualcomm is ensuring they stay that way with its unveiling of the new Snapdragon S4 MPQ8064 processor.