Nvidia Launches 9M Series Of Mobile GPUs, Hybrid SLI

Taipei (Taiwan) - Nvidia today launched a new generation of mobile graphics processors. All new processors support Hybrid SLI for the first time, Nvidia’s CUDA software acceleration technology as well as the company’s recently acquired physics engine.

The 9M series of graphics processors comes in five different flavors for performance and multimedia notebooks, as well as four variants for thin and light notebooks. In the thin and light segment, Nvidia’s product portfolio stretches from the 9100M G to the 9300M GS chips, integrating eight processing cores and a floating point performance between 26 and 34 GFlops (32-bit).

The performance lineup ranges from the 9500M G to the new flagship model 9650M GS using 16 or 32 processing cores as well as a floating point rating between 60 and 120 GFlops (32-bit). The top-of-the-line 9650M GS has 32 processors, a 625 MHz core clock, a 1250 MHz shader clock, 800 MHz memory clock and up to 512 MB of memory.

All 9-series processors support Hybrid SLI, allowing the chips to work in tandem with integrated graphics chipsets, either for added performance or reduced power consumption, as the GPU can be shut down completely in such a scenario. CUDA software is supported across all these chips as is Ageia’s PhysX engine, which was acquired by Nvidia earlier this year.

According to the manufacturer, the 9-series graphics engine is about 40% faster the preceding 8-series version and is now about 10 times faster than integrated graphics products. Also supported is BD-Live, as well as DVI, HDMI 1.3, Display Port 1.1, and VGA interfaces. The new GPUs are part of Nvidia’s MXM version 3.0 graphics module specification and are expected to be available "this summer".

Yesterday TG Daily reported that notebooks with 9M-series notebooks are already on sale in Taiwan.

  • but is the 9650 even close to the 8800m gtx?
  • dmacfour
    I don't think the 9650 is supposed come close to the 8800m. It's a x6xx model, so it would only make sense for it to be a replacement for the current 8600m series.
  • smalltime0
    ^ I'm guessing it will be just off it though...
    will be nice to see some benchmarks on it.