Oculus Audio SDK Exits Beta

Oculus has been feverishly working on new updates to its various software development kits. The Oculus SDK has seen three major updates since August, and version 1.0 is due out some time this month. The company has also been working on updates to the Audio SDK, which has just moved out of beta and into version 1.0.1.

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The Oculus Audio SDK is a set of audio plugins for game engines such as Unity and Unreal, and audio middleware such as FMOD and Wwise. The SDK also consists of an AAX plugin for Avid’s Pro Tools, as well as a VST plugin for both Windows and Mac. In describing these plugins, Oculus said, "The Audio SDK accurately reproduces the cues we instinctively use to track the location of sound sources in space by simulating the effect that a listener’s environment and body have on sounds."

The Audio SKD v1.0.1 supports spacialization and environment modeling for the Oculus Rift DK2 and upcoming retail hardware, as well as the already available Samsung Gear VR HMDs. Oculus said the SDK supports a large number of sound sources and strong directional cues. It also compensates for early reflections and late reverberations.

Oculus said the plugins are easy to install and use, but to make the process of getting started even easier, the company has released a free library of over 500 high-quality sounds effects uniquely created for virtual reality.

The Oculus Audio SDK is a free download, and it's available now for anyone to use. You can find it at the Oculus developer download page.

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