Memory Cards, Part 2: SDHC Cards From 8GB To 16GB

Lexar Professional (8GB, 133x)

We asked for a Class 10 SDHC card for this review and received a Lexar Professional 133x instead. In practice, these are equivalent, though.

Only 4GB and 8GB capacity points are available, but Lexar includes an Image Rescue software bundle. This allows users to recover images that have been deleted or made inaccessible through modification of the partition. As long as the data isn’t physically overwritten, Image Rescue should help recover all of your photo files.

This card is rated for 133x, but it's still able to reach 20 MB/s. This turns out to be almost exactly what we measured. Read throughput falls between 18.2 and 19.7 MB/s, and writes are executed at 12.4 to 18.6 MB/s. Finally, this is the only card except SanDisk’s Extreme model that delivers substantial I/O performance—in case you want to use the memory card to host an operating system.