Memory Cards, Part 2: SDHC Cards From 8GB To 16GB

SanDisk Extreme (16GB SDHC, Class 10)

SanDisk’s Extreme series is now available at up to 32GB and rates as Class 10-compliant (10 MB/s). The 16GB sample we received delivers reads between 25 and 27 MB/s and writes at 22.6 to 24.7 MB/s. Please note that most USB 2.0 card readers aren't capable of matching the performance potential of the SanDisk Extreme card. We had to get an ImageMate by SanDisk to reach more than 20 MB/s.

The card lists on SanDisk’s Web site at $195.99, but you can also get the 32GB model for $388.99 or the 8GB for $119.99. SanDisk provides a lifetime warranty on its Extreme cards, and the company offers a compatibility tool on its site to help customers select the right memory card for their devices.

As usual, SanDisk's product is fast and expensive. This and the Lexar are the only two SDHC cards that deliver hard drive-like I/O performance. This is clearly the fastest product in our roundup, and hence receives our Best of Tom’s Award.