Memory Cards, Part 2: SDHC Cards From 8GB To 16GB

Silicon Power SDHC Class 10 (16GB)

Our next card is Silicon Power’s 16GB Class 10 SDHC. Like Samsung's card, the Silicon Power product is also backed by a lifetime warranty, but the manufacturer is more specific with technical details.

There is a specified operating range of -25°C to 85°C and up to 95% humidity. You can also opt for Class 2, Class 4, or Class 6 versions of the card, but the Class 10 model definitely is the fastest. Also, 4, 8, and 16 gigabyte capacities are available.

We measured read performance between 18.3 and 19.7 MB/s and sequential writes between 10.2 and 18.7 MB/s. SanDisk and Transcend provide a bit more performance, but they cost more. Compared to other vendors, the roughly $100 price point for the 16GB model appears on-target .