Core i7-980X: Do You Want Six Cores Or 12 Threads?

Benchmark Results: Audio/Video

Audio Benchmarks

iTunes still hasn’t received multi-core optimization. The processing time represents how long it takes to convert a full 74-minute audio CD into Apple’s AAC format.

The same applies to a current version of the Lame encoder. There are no noticeable benefits from Hyper-Threading.

Video Benchmarks

We used MainConcept's encoder to convert MPEG-2 HD video into H.264. With this type of workload, Hyper-Threading does have a very noticeable positive impact on both processors.

HandBrake scales nicely with additional cores and Hyper-Threading. However, the benefit of Hyper-Threading to the Core i7-980X is smaller than the quad-core Core i7-975.