Core i7-980X: Do You Want Six Cores Or 12 Threads?

Benchmark Results: Professional Applications

3ds Max also shows impressive improvements with Hyper-Threading. The only other way to get the additional performance you see here would probably be through accelerating clock speeds significantly.

With only a single core in use, Hyper-Threading can be left on or off. It doesn’t matter. However, let’s look at the multi-threaded results of this benchmark.

The multi-threaded version of the Cinebench 11.5 benchmark shows great performance jumps when Hyper-Threading is enabled.

Photoshop CS4 scales nicely with each physical core added. However, Hyper-Threading doesn't do much for our thread-intensive workload.

Fritz chess is perfect to show what Hyper-Threading can do in a best case scenario. More logical cores translate into additional performance.