Clarkdale's Efficiency: Core i5-661 Versus Core 2, Athlon II, And Phenom II

Intel Platform: G45 (Intel DG45ID)

Finally, we also needed a G45 motherboard, which represents Intel’s previous-generation platform with integrated graphics. Since we used an H55 motherboard from Intel, it made sense to select a similar product with the preceding chipset.

The DG45ID is also a Media Series motherboard, but it’s better-equipped than the DH55TC. In addition to all of the standard chipset features, Intel adds a FireWire 1394a controller, makes one SATA port available as eSATA, and adds optical audio output. This product doesn’t have an analog D-sub display port, but it still has the more important DVI and HDMI connectors. Intel only has three phases on the voltage regulator, which would be insufficient to run Extreme Edition processors properly, but all mainstream dual- and quad-core CPUs should do just fine. Like the new DH55TC, this motherboard isn’t much of an overclocker, but it works well for office and home PCs and entry-level media centers.