Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Workmanship And Installation

The spacious interior of the SST-TJ06 accommodates any kind of hardware. Even long PCI or AGP cards are no problem for the case. Installing the cards is simple and requires no tools. Plastic clips provide for a nice, secure hold on the expansion cards. The drives can also be secured within the cage without the use of tools.

The disks go onto drive rails for mounting

It gets a little crowded when six disks are installed.

You can go fan-less using this optional CPU cooler.

Pros And Cons

Plus points

  • Generous included accessories
  • Lots of space for computer hardware
  • Tunnel system
  • Optional passive CPU cooler
  • Open case sensor

Minus points

  • No cooling for hard drives
  • Cheap-looking metal drive rails

The NT01 cooling unit is also available for socket 478, 775, and 939/940

Too bad: it would make cooling more efficient, but won't fit into the tunnel


The accessories amount mainly to screws and spacers for the motherboard along with drive rails and a brief user manual.

Siggy Moersch