Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Workmanship And Installation

Installation goes off without a hitch with this large interior. Drives are first put on metal rails prior to installation, upon which they are inserted into the case. The motherboard and expansion cards have a lot of elbow room, even leaving enough space for long cards inside the Thermaltake. Cards are held by means of screw-free plastic clips, which are easy to use.

Expansion cards are held secure in the case without screws.

The CDs on the front panel shutter can be changed out.

Pros And Cons

Plus points

  • Generous included accessories
  • Customizable front panel door
  • Locking front door
  • Lots of space for computer hardware
  • Large side window

Minus points

  • No tunnel
  • No cooling for hard drives
  • Cheap-looking metal drive rails


In addition to an assortment of screws and the drive rails, four blank CDs are included with the Thermaltake Circle 2x purely for optical effect. The plastic tunnel characteristic of this type of case is not included.

Customizable front

Installation rails for drives

Siggy Moersch