Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

The Ventilation System

Lian Li once again came up with something new for the ventilation system. Besides for the 4.7" (120mm) system fans to cool the hard drives, there are also two small ones in the case. That at least is the first impression. If you take a closer look at the accessories, you'll spot two more, unknown plastic parts. The handbook makes it clear what these are good for. One part has to be screwed to the back 3" (80mm) fan and only then can the angled extension be mounted on it. This combination is designed to blast the CPU heat sink with fresh air directly from outside. A second innovation is a blower which is screwed above the expansion boards.

The 4.7" (120mm) system fans mainly cool the disks

Fresh air straight to the CPU heat sink

A blower cools expansion boards

Siggy Moersch