Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

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Two victors emerged from the test, one case from the aluminum league and one from the steel camp.

The Lian Li PC60 Plus focuses on cooling and workmanship. An array of new and different fans provides ample ventilation of PC components within this light-weight case. All edges have been carefully filed, some even getting a plastic coatingfor additional refinement.

The Enermax Blue Viper CS-718 also makes cooling and rapid dispersal of power dissipation a top priority, along with extensive expansion options. The wind tunnel, dedicated for CPU cooling, can also be used with dual-processor motherboards.

New Trend: CeBIT Impressions

Plastic impressions from this year's Cebit in Hanover

A lot of plastic was used here

Sunbeam prototype

Siggy Moersch