Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Drive Racks

The holding rack for the drives is easily accessible. Each hard drive gets its own frame that decouples the disks acoustically from the rest of the case. Rubber rings absorb drive vibration. Even the diskette or other 3.5" drives get a mounting rack that can be removed from the case from the front.

Hard drives come onto a little mounting rack

Floppy drive mounting rack

Ventilation System

A 4.7" (120mm) system fan takes care of ventilation, drawing air through the front section. Another large fan is inside the case responsible for shoveling it out again. The side section of the Thermaltake Shark features two large grilled apertures that also let a lot of air - and dust - into the interior. Only the front fan has a dust filter. And the fan has one other fault: the filter fits on too tightly, making a plainly audible scraping sound when it's running.

The front fan has a dust filter

A lighted 120 mm fan is down inside the case

Side apertures facilitate air circulation and the accumulation of dust on hardware.

Siggy Moersch