Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Workmanship And Installation

Installation of the motherboard and drives is quite easy, as with all other cases of this type. The interior offers ample space, as is evident once you start putting hardware into the midi tower. The expansion cards are connected to the metal frame using plastic clips. The drives go onto metal rails that are easy to operate, but do not serve to acoustically decouple the hard drives.

Screwless card holder

Pros And Cons

Plus points

  • Generous included accessories
  • Lots of space for computer hardware
  • Tunnel system
  • Open case sensor
  • Cables well-labeled
  • No screws needed to fasten cards
  • Low price

Minus points

  • No cooling for hard drives
  • Cheap-looking metal drive rails
  • No pre-installed system fans

Well-labeled, easy-to-read cables make installation easier


We looked in vain in the box contents for the 120 mm fan for the tunnel system. All screws, spacers, and drive rails for the drives are stuck in a cardboard box attached inside the case.

Replaceable dust filter

Siggy Moersch