Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

The Ventilation System

The Enermax case uses a tunnel system working on two 4.7" (120mm) fans to cool the motherboard and processor. At the front end a fan shovels in the fresh air. This is then directed through the plastic pipe and blown out of the midi tower by the second fan. The waste heat generated by the CPU and the motherboard components are thus prevented from spreading inside the CS-718. An additional fixture takes an 3" (80mm) fan, which should ensure a flow of air to the remaining hardware. All fans can be connected to the fan control and monitored.

The plastic tunnel is blue in the Enermax

The two 4.7" (120mm) fans are blue to match the tunnel.

No 80 mm fan with the CS-718

Part of the fan controller is located beneath the plastic tunnel.

The display data is easy to read.

Siggy Moersch