Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Aplus Trouper CK-1026-9: A Pale Retro Look

The Trouper CK-1026-9 from Aplus shows that midi towers don't always have to be black or silver. We first thought we'd received a Lilliputian freezer cabinet by mistake. White, after all, is a color seldom used for PC cases. But it still made it as a test candidate for THG.

A case in white - a gutsy choice...

Front Sections And Connectors

The Trouper has five 5.25" drive trays accessible from the front. They are each protected by a white plastic panel. Above them are the front ports for USB, audio and FireWire.

Front and rear of the Aplus Trouper

All important front sockets are above

Siggy Moersch