Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Drive Racks

The cage for the six drives is found at the top of the case of the TJ-06, where the power supply also comes in at a later point. The disks are built in vertically next to each other. Before that though they are set upon drive rails. The Silverstone case does not offer a special hard drive cooling unit.

The disks are installed vertically.

Ventilation System

Two 4.7" (120mm) and one 80 mm fans provide cooling for the midi tower. These are already pre-installed in the case and are ready for hook-up. Between the two larger fans you can mount a tunnel made of see-through plastic, made for single and dual-processor motherboards. A special fan-less Silverstone CPU cooling unit can be deployed with this system.

An 3" (80mm) fan provides additional fresh air.

Tunnel system: air comes in from the front and out the back.

Siggy Moersch