Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Workmanship And Assembly

Installing the computer hardware is simple. All edges are smoothed over and thus pose no risk of injury. The fixture for expansion boards is not well built - it is very shaky and does not inspire confidence. It is advisable to first detach the fixture and then mount it again after installation of the two 4.7" (120mm) system fans.

Screwless card holder

Pros And Cons


  • Open case sensor
  • Side cover with vent holes and special plastic unit to funnel in air to the CPU.


  • Not much room for hard drives
  • No system fans
  • Wobbly card mount
  • Bad availability, only Europe (USA via Britain)

Open case sensor


The package meets requirements and consists of screws, spacers and the guide rails for the drives

Plastic runners ensure the drives are insulated acoustically

Siggy Moersch