Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Workmanship And Installation

All edges in and around the case are filed and pose little risk of injury. Installing hardware is uncomplicated, as is connecting the front display and the connections for USB, FireWire and audio ports.

The card holders are made of flimsy plastic unfortunately.

Pros And Cons

Plus points

  • Storage box for screws and spacers
  • Low weight
  • 99% aluminum construction
  • Large, well-organized display
  • Integrated fan controls

Minus points

  • No drive decoupling
  • Availability in the U.S. and Europe still poor


All the necessary screws, spacers, and a pizo speaker are found inside a small storage box. The instructions consist of a brochure outlining display functions and installation

A change of pace: accessory box with screwdriver included

Siggy Moersch