Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Side And Interior Views

The X-Navigator is the ideal case for folks who want to integrate a load of light effects or just want to simply marvel at their hardware. The interior is generously proportioned, providing plenty of room for the hardware to be added later.

A large window at the side shows off much of the insides

The interior is generously proportioned

Interior Layout

  1. Motherboard
  2. PSU
  3. 3.5" drives (HDDs)
  4. 5.25" drives (burner, CD/DVD)

Fixtures For The Drives

The Aspire case has what it takes to make a server envious when it comes to space for hard drives. Using the three separate cages, you can extend the X-Navigator by many drives. Each cage takes three drives, but only the one in the middle has a holding fixture for a 3" (80mm) fan. The drives are not insulated acoustically - noise levels are irrelevant in any case when you have nine of the things spinning and whirring away at once. The five preinstalled system fans aren't what we would call quiet either.

Three removable hard drive cages for a total of nine drives

Siggy Moersch