Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Workmanship And Installation

The case itself evidences a couple of unlovely, sharp edges. When you try to break off the front cover panels at the perforations, it sometimes leaves points sticking out, causing many a painful scratch. There is enough space for installing hardware, allowing you to nicely conceal excess cabling when you're done.

Lots of space, even with hardware installed

Central locking mechanism for the expansion cards

The break-off perforations leaves sharp edges

Pros And Cons

Plus points

  • Storage box for accessories
  • Acoustic drive decoupling
  • Spacious interior
  • Lots of system fans
  • Large side window

Minus points

  • Potential risk of injury by sharp corners
  • Loud system fans


All of the case accessories come in a plastic box inside the hard drive cage. The box can be taken out though to install hard drives.

The accessory box creates order

Conveniently stowed: rails for the drive installation

Siggy Moersch