Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Silverstone SST-Tj06: An Elegant Beauty

We tested this case last year, although back then it was black. For the sake of thoroughness, we tested the SST-TJ06 again, because we had gotten a passive cooling unit from Silverstone. This was specially designed for the tunnel system, which in a few systems can make a lot of racket. The 30.8 lbs (14 kg) steel case is well-made and has no ugly plastic panels or parts.

The matt case makes a very elegant impression.

Front Panels And Connection Ports

The front of the TJ-06 is in matt and looks elegant. The midi tower has two push buttons that are sufficiently spaced apart to power-on and reset the PC. Two LEDs signal the accessing of data from the hard drive and the functional readiness of the PC. The front panels of the drive bays are made of metal and are reusable, meaning you can put them back on without ruining the visual profile - unlike cover plates that are only good for the scrap metal heap after breaking them off. The connection ports for USB, FireWire and audio are found on the side of the case.

Front and back of the Silverstone SST-TJ06

Lots of connections are located on the side of the case.

Siggy Moersch