Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Drive Racks

The cage for 3.5" drives can accommodate up to six hard disks. Disks are first pre-mounted on rails before being inserted into the rack. The case has no dedicated ventilation source for the upper section, so things can really heat up when using six disks.

Up to six hard drives fit in here

Ventilation System

Only half of the cooling system for the Thermalrock Circle is included in the package. Two 4.7" (120mm) fans do come pre-installed, but there is no tunnel, which makes the ventilation system complete - at least for this type of case in any event. For the upper section where the drives and power supply get built in, this midi tower offers no fan or fan holder.

A large fan shovels out power dissipation

Something missing here? The plastic tunnel is not included in the package.

Siggy Moersch