Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Side And Interior Views

Removing the heavy case cover reveals a generously proportioned interior. All areas are easy to reach. The cabling for the front ports are still loose in the case. After the components have been installed, the cables can be hidden between the power unit and the top drives. A small cardboard box is attached inside the 5.25" drive trays with a cable wrap. The box contains the accessories.

Inside the case, still without hardware

Interior Layout

  1. Motherboard
  2. PSU (power supply unit)
  3. 3.5" drives (HDDs)
  4. 5.25" drives (burner, CD/DVD)

Fixtures For The Drives

The interior has heaps of room for the motherboard, power supply unit and 5.25" drives. The number of hard drives is limited to three, unless of course you use the space allocated for a disk drive, and then you even have room for five hard drives.

The Blizzard only has room for three drives

Plastic runners insulate the drives from the steel case

Siggy Moersch